Personal Chef Services

You have several ways to enjoy Chef Emily's and her assocaite chefs passions for food. You may choose from having a Private Dinner Party, an informative Cooknig Class or  to make your vaction extra relaxing with a  Vacation Chef  preparing your meals.  

Private Dinner Parties

Food is the heart of any dinner party.  Chef’s Emily’s passion for food and attention to those special details are displayed in each dinner party.  As guests enter your home, the aroma of the meal will beckon them to your kitchen with mouth watering anticipation.  They will find chef Emily preparing food and explaining details of the about the menu.  The explanations will be simple and a prevailing peace will hang in the air as guests enjoy appetizers.  Within a setting like this conversation will come easy and form into fellowship that will bond food and friends.  You will leave that night having experienced something beyond just great food.  You will leave wondering what was in that food!



Cooking Classes

Experience gourmet cooking in your own home.  Let your expectations of a cooking class be blown away as you experience the light hearted way Chef Emily explains what may seem like intimidating recipes.  If you choose to have a demonstration style class, you and your guests will be provided with recipes and a front row seat to every detail of the preparation of your menu.  Questions are welcomed and answered with expertise but in a way that is applicable to home cooking. 

You may also, experience a hands-on cooking class.  Chef Emily will place ingredients and recipes strategically around your kitchen at “stations”.  There will be a short period of explanation, then the cooking begins.  Don’t worry you are never left to fend for yourself.  Chef Emily is always nearby to answer questions and offer suggestions for easier ways to prepare the meal.  Once you sit down to enjoy your meal, you will be amazed at the results of what was cooked that evening.  You will leave happy, full, and with more culinary knowledge.

Vacation Chef

Hire a personal chef for your next vacation.  Meals are prepared with each family member or guest in mind.  You don't have to worry about making food for the "selective" eater or your friend with food allergies.  Leave that to Chef Emily. Dinner can be made for you to enjoy family style or can be served to you for an elegant evening in.